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Academic Incharges


1. Ms. Rashmi Khandelwal
2. Ms. Pragati Sharma
3. Ms. Smita Joshi
4. Ms. Jyoti Sharma

Admission Committee

The team facilitates and coordinates the admission process. This also gives a chance to help and counsel the applicants. The Committee interfaces between aspirants and the institute and makes efforts to facilitate admissions in an as seamless manner as possible. The Committee maintains a strong presence across various platforms.

Coordinator: Mr. Rajesh Sharma


1. Ms. Jyoti Sharma
2. Mr. Shweta Kanwar
3. Ms. Pallavi Tiwari
4. Ms. Shuchi Saxena
5. Mr. Sunil Agarwal
6. Mr. Manish Sharma
7. Mr. Sanjay Gupta
8. Mr. Rahul Agarwal

Sexual Harassment Committee

As per the Judgment of Hon’ble supreme court of India the school has constituted a complaint committee to protect women from sexual harassment at workplace. The Committee will ensure proper work environment in respect of women at work place and appropriate penalties against the offenders.

Complaint Committee

1. Ms. Rashmi Khandelwal
2. Ms. Reena Goyal
3. Ms. Pooja Parashar
4. Mr. Manish Sharma
5. Ms. Pragati Sharma
6. Ms. Jyoti Jaiman
7. Ms. Gunjan Jagtyani

Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee ensures a calm and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus and providesa secured atmosphere for the students. It also avoids physical confrontation among students. The discipline committee is formed with the objective of conductinginquiries on reports of interdisciplinary activities among students. It also initiates model actions against students involved in interdisciplinary activities and initiates steps to reduce violence, confrontation in the future.

Coordinator: Mr. Rajesh Sharma


1. Mr. Prahlad Sharma
2. Ms. Smita Joshi
3. Ms. Jyoti Jain
4. Ms. Shivani Bhardwaj

Science Club

To promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate Scientific temper among them. To trigger interest among the students in Science. To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.

Coordinator: Ms. Abhilasha Shalley


1. Ms. Pragati Sharma
2. Ms. Meenakshi Sharma
3. Ms. Pooja Parashar

Commerce club

Commerce club students will be presented with various methods of trade and commerce through their creative projects. It is a great way to spark student’s interest in learning.

Coordinator: Ms. Rashmi Khandelwal


1. Mr. Jyoti Jain
2. Ms. Lovely Kanwar Sisodiya

Social Science/ HumanitiesClub

Social Science club help students to develop their social skills. They fine-tune their interactions with their peers and with faculty members, and they have the opportunity to connect with other students who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basics for enduring friendships.It also promotes and educate others on the importance of the Social Science in our world to help the less fortunate through community service and to advance our own knowledge and understanding of the Social Science.

Coordinator: Ms. Jyoti Jaiman


1. Ms. Kamala Chouhan
2. Ms. Smita Joshi
3. Ms. Shweta Kanwar

Legal Literacy Club

The present Scheme of “Students Legal Literacy Clubs” is formed with an idea to spread knowledge of the legal rights and duties and to give legal suggestions to the poor and needy for their various problems and for providing Legal Literacy and legal services programms.

Coordinator: Mr. Rajesh Sharma


1. Ms. Reena Goyal
2. . Ms. Kamala Chouhan
3. Ms. Jyoti Jaiman

Art & Cultural Club

The purpose of the Cultural Committee is to identify the talent in the students. The primary function of the Committee is to plan, organize, coordinate, and monitor the implementation of student-related activities. It works to motivate the students to participate in various programs and activities for the development of their career, personality, and organizational skills.

Coordinator: Ms Jyoti jaiman


1. Ms. Sanchita
2. Ms. Tripti Kanoongo
3. Ms. Poonam

Sports Club

The functions of the Sports committee are to create zeal amongst students and teachers towards sports, to organize training, coaching and educating them in sports so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit. The Committee makes efforts to enhance the interest of participants in the field of sports andpromotes every individual’s health, physical well-being as well as the acquisition of physical skill among the students. The Committee is created to organize various inter-school competitions in the following sports: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Chess, Carrom and Badminton etc. It is designed to serve the interests of the student in competitive sports and other recreational activities i.e. both indoor and outdoor.


1. Mr. Rajesh Sharma
2. Mr. Sanjay Gupta
3. Ms. Suchi Saxena

Language & Literature Club

Literary club was formed to develop the speaking and writing skills of the students. The literary club promotes writing skills by organizing story writing, poem writing, slogan writing, report writing, para writing and article writing activities in the school.Literary club was formed to develop the speaking and writing skills of the students. The literary club promotes writing skills by organizing story writing, poem writing, slogan writing, report writing, para writing and article writing activities in the school.

Coordinator: Mr. Sunil Agrawal


1. Mr. Manish Sharma
2. Ms. Reena Goyal
3. Ms. Pallavi Tiwari
4. Ms. Gunjan Jagtyani

Website and Social Media Club

The Digital Media Club is the school’s newspaper club. Students use social media channels to connect parents, staff, and students with news and events at school. We develop and create content to keep parents up to date with developments, social issues, opinions and educational updation.


1. Ms Smita Das
2. Mr. Rahul Agarwal
3. Mr. Manish Sharma
4.Mr. Sunil Agarwal

Grievance / Redressal Officer


1. Mr. Prahlad Sharma
2. Ms. Pratibha Sharma