Fee Structure

Session 2019-20
Class At the time of Admission / Renewal By
15th July
15th Oct.
15th Jan.
  Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.
VI to VIII 6500/- 6500/- 6500/- 6500/-
IX to X 7750/- 7750/- 7750/- 7750/-
XI & XII 8750/- 8750/- 8750/- 8750/-
Computer 450/- 450/- 450/- 450/-

Computer education is compulsory for all students from class VI to XII.

  1. Rs. 1000/- will be charged as misc. Fee.
  2. Rs. 1000/- will be charged as Examination Fee.
  3. New students are required to pay entrance fee Rs. 2000/- at the time of admission.
  4. The students of class XI & XII are required to pay Lab. fee of Rs. 400/-  per Subject in each quarter.
  5. Annual Parking fee : Cycle Rs. 150/-;  Scooter, Moter Cycle Rs. 600/-
  6. Tuition fees and other fees are to be paid in the school office by the dates given in the above schedule. The defaulters will have to pay a fine at the rate of 100/- per week. If the fees and other dues are not paid off by the last day of month, the name of the student shall be struck off.
  7. The Cheque for the payment of fees are also accepted. The Cheque should be drawn in favour of Shri Agrawal Shiksha Samiti, Public School A/c.
  8. The student seeking admission/ re-admission after 30th June, will have to deposit fees for the 2nd term also, at the time of admission.
  1. Deposit the fees on time as per schedule.
  2. No fee is refundable in any case.
  3. Deposit of full fees and dues if any, is compulsory for appearing in examination.