Academic Plan 2019-20

3rd July to 8th July- Revision/Class test for PD-I
Class 6th to 10th &
Class 12th

9th July - 11th July- Seal on copies
20th July – onwards I Periodic/Unit test will commence MM-20

1st Aug to 7th Aug- Revision/Class Test for PD-I
Class 11th
9th Aug 17th Aug- PD-I for Class 11th  
9th Aug PTM Class 6th to 10th & 12th

23rd Aug PTM Class 11th

29th Aug to 5th Sept. - Seal on copies/Checking of copies
5th Sept. to 13th – Sept. - Revision/Assessment of copies/Class test
16th Sept onwards - Half Yearly Exam
Class 6th to 12th


Oct. 11th PTM (Class 6th to 12th)
Nov 26th to 30th Revision/Class test for PD-II /Preboard / Post mid

4th Dec onwards II Periodic -6th to 9th & 11th
Preboard- Class 10th & 12th
MM- 20
MM- 80
28th Dec PTM Class 6th to 12th

6th Jan onwards - Class test/ Revision- Class- 10th and 12th
Class 6th to 9th & 11th syllabus completion
Jan Last week 2nd Pre-Board Class - 10th & 12th
Seal on copies/Assessment of home work for
Class 6th to 9th & 11th

Feb.- Revision/ Class test for all classes.
25th Feb Onwards Final exam class 11th

2nd March Onwards Final exam class 6th to 9th MM-80